Coffee Break Reports: 2020 H1 Digital Trends – China

My aim with this site is to present topics worth further exploration in the same manner that I start my own research – by first going wide, covering multiple related topics and noting key points as I go; before drilling down on a singular topic. To this end I thought it might be useful to offer short reports, compiled in this fashion and available for download.

The idea is that these can be consumed however is convenient (while enjoying your coffee perhaps – hence “Coffee Break Reports”), shared as soft or hard copy and even stored offline should you find particular value in them. By their very nature, these reports will not be exhaustive but rather brief introductions, updates or highlights.

In this first report I’ve taken a look at China and some key developments in digital healthcare services, e-commerce, the tourism industry and super app mini-programs.

As always, should you like to discuss a topic further – please do get in touch at And, if you find value in these, please consider paying for my next coffee via the button on your screen.

View or download the PDF via the link below:

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